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Desktop RO reverse osmosis water purifier 800 GPD

Feature / SpecificationDescription
Product NameWater Filter/RO Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
Product Size420mm x 120mm x 380mm
Packing Size467mm x 219mm x 520mm
Net Weight (N.W.)6.2KG
Gross Weight (G.W.)8.5KG
Water Flow Rate800 Gallons Per Day (GPD)
Noise Level48 decibels
Rated Voltage220-50HZ
Color OptionsOEM support (Customizable)
Water OutletDouble water outlet
Wastewater Ratio2:1 (Efficient water usage)
Applicable Water Temperature5-38°C
Applicable Water Pressure0.15-0.4MPA
Filter Element ConfigurationComposite filter + RO Membrane + Post carbon filter
Special FeatureFilter replace reminder (Ensures optimal filtration performance)


High Efficiency: Produces up to 800 gallons per day of purified water.

Low Noise Operation: Operates at a quiet 48 decibels.

Dual Water Outlet: Offers flexibility with a double water outlet.

Advanced Filtration: Combines composite filters, RO membrane, and post carbon filter for comprehensive water purification.

Sleek Design: Compact size and customizable color options for modern kitchens.

Upgrade your home with the URHWP-M2-800G Water Filter, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.


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