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6000L/H Stainless steel UF water filter


6000 L/H Domestic & Industrial use 304 SS housing water treatment washable PVDF membrane Stainless steel UF water filter

Product Description

6000L/H Whole House 304 Stainless Steel External Pressure Ultrafiltration Membrane Water Filter

This product is suitable for the whole house water purification, make sure we have enough Purifier water for the Kitchen and the wholehouse,this product has 3 features: 

1. 304 Stainless Steel for the shell material, the Service life will be increased to more than 10 years.

2. External Pressure UF Membrane Filters (Ultrafiltration Filter).

3. Big water flow 6000L/H to satisfy different water output needs.

What's UF membrane ? 

Ultrafiltration Membrane

The filter cartridge uses thousands of hollow fiber membrane strands. Each membrane strand contains billions of microscopic pores.Water pressure pushes water through these pores towards the hollow center of the membrane, while blocking out contaminants larger than 0.01 microns such as bacteria, parasites and viruses.

Filtered water then flows through each fiber and is distributed to every household fixture. Unwanted particles and micro-organisms are flushed out during the automatic cleaning cycle.

Product Paramenters

Body material:

304 stainless steel

Filter housing material:

food-grade ABS

Working pressure:


Applicable water temperature:


Applicable water source:

municipal tap water

Applicable target:

whole-house water purification

Filtration Technology:

ultrafiltration membrane

Water turbidity:


Filter replacement:

3-5 years

Filtration accuracy:


Membrane filament material:

PVDF UF membrane

Installation location:

main water pipe / under sink

Microbial removal rate:


Pathogen removal rate:


Suspended matter and particle removal rate:


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