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Shenzhen Cheero Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service of professional water filters. Our factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters. Product independent research and development, mold design. To provide customers with one-stop brand packaging services, customers only need to provide a logo, we can complete the packaging and delivery of the entire brand, providing high-quality and convenient services while saving costs for customers.

We have ultra-filtration membrane production line, Stainless steel housing production line and finished products assembly line, and are equipped with advanced product testing equipment to realize a modern warehouse logistics management system. With independent research and development capabilities and a number of intellectual property rights, it has passed the certification of the Guangdong Provincial Health Department, the National Patent Office and other authoritative departments. 

We strictly control the whole process in accordance with ISO9001 quality management requirements.we have exported more than 20 countries like USA, Canada, Spain, Korea, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Qatar... we always provide the high-quality products, Highly competitive prices and services, Based on the business philosophy of 'people-oriented, honesty and trustworthiness', we strive to build a brand-new enterprise integrating 'new technology, new technology, new products, and new benefits'. 

With preferential sales policies, flexible cooperation models, and high-quality products and services, we bring business prosperity to partners all over the world and a healthy life for consumers.


Established in 2008

Shenzhen Chengrong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the core city of Dawan District - Shenzhen.


After dedicated research and development, repeated testing, and a large amount of technological precipitation, Chengrong has made significant breakthroughs in the field of water purification technology and established Shenzhen Chengrong Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd.


Chengrong became a member of Guangdong Water Purification Equipment Association and successfully applied for the patent certificates of "Water filter (3+1) and (3+2)". Many products have obtained the hygiene license for drinking water hygiene and safety products in Guangdong Province.


Chengrong independently researches reverse osmosis membrane technology, introduces internationally advanced fully digital production and testing equipment, strictly controls product testing procedures, and meticulously creates product quality, becoming a driving force and master of core technologies in China's water purification industry. The company has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and established information systems such as ERP enterprise resource management system and CRM customer relationship management system. The products have been approved by the Ministry of Health for wading, China Preventive healthcare Association, Guangdong Provincial Health Inspection Center and many other national authoritative certifications.


Chengrong independently develops external pressure ultrafiltration equipment, completely abandoning the traditional internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane attached to the inner surface of the pipe, and creating a unique external pressure ultrafiltration system.


Chengrong independently produces ultrafiltration membranes that meet food grade requirements, made of polypropylene with strong antibacterial properties and can be reused. The membrane is more hydrophilic, with a significant increase in membrane flux and an increase in the turbulence level of the mixture, effectively reducing membrane fouling.


The company has established strategic partnerships with well-known enterprises such as "Wanbao", "Huadi", "Angel", "Rongsheng Purifying Water", "Tsinghua Purple Light", "Marco Polo", etc., gradually becoming a tool in the industry and society


After continuous testing and improvement of the machine equipment by the company's R&D department, the ultrafiltration equipment backwash system has been improved, and it has been upgraded to a pulsating cleaning function, becoming a new benchmark in the industry.


In the severe situation of frequent outbreaks of the epidemic, the company continues to invest research and development funds, break through various technical difficulties, achieve quite good results, and apply corresponding technologies to various large-scale purification equipment, which has been recognized by the industry.

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